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Are you tired of load shedding? Is load shedding killing productivity? Then it might be time to install a Backup Generator. Installing a backup generator has many advantages

  • Provides electricity for medical devices
  • Eliminates production losses during load-shedding
  • Keeps your fridge and freezer running 
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General types of Generators

When a blackout or load shedding makes it impossible for the grid to transmit electricity to your home a generator serves as backup power. Generators operate by burning fuel and converting the energy that is produced by the engine to electrical energy that can be used to power electrical equipment

Generators come in two primary forms: Portable and Standby / Fixed:

Portable Generators


Portable generators are mostly powered by petrol. These generators are generally used to provide power offsite or to power some outlets during a blackout. Most portable generators 

  • Are only sufficient to power some outlets
  • Are pull start but some models do have electrical starters
  • Should only be placed outside due to exhaust fumes
  • Can easily be transported 
  • Can be wired into DB or can provide power to electrical equipment via extension cord.

Standby Generators or fixed Generators

Are installed outside your home or business and will switch automatically between grid power and standby power. Standby Generators are

  • Mostly Powered by Diesel or Petrol
  • Have an Integrated starter and battery to start the generator when there is a backup
  • Are permanently installed in a fixed location
  • Will be wired into DB board and will switch over automatically if there is a power outage

Depending on the size of the generator you opt for you can select to only power certain equipment and appliances or the whole premises.

Why should I buy a standby generator or fixed generator instead of a portable generator?

  • Are generally safer than Portable units
  • Starts automatically within seconds of the grid failing
  • Provides 24/7 protection even when you are not home
  • Are quieter to run than gasoline units
  • Carbon Monoxide fumes are ventilated properly limiting the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning 



Advantages of having a Backup Generator

Anytime the power goes out – whether from load shedding or a storm or any other grid failures  – your generator will be able to supply power to your home or business. This provides numerous advantages

  • Avoid food spoiling, by enabling you to keep the refrigerator and freezer running.
  • Can keep the climate control running enabling a comfortable workspace or home
  • Despite the power outage the home security system will continue to run
  • Can help protect computers and other appliances by eliminating power spikes when the grid starts up after an outage.
  • Improved safety with maintained lighting 
  • Provides electrical access for essential medical equipment
  • Can help reduce production losses due to load shedding and other power outages.  
These are just some of the advantages of having backup power at your house or workplace. Get a backup Generator installed today. Contact COC ELECTRICAL Electricians today and we will connect you with a Leading Generator Supplier and Installer inCape Town

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