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Air Conditioning Installation Services In Cape Town

COC Electrical offer air Conditioning installations for homes and commercial businesses in and around Cape Town and Western Cape. We offer, to our energy conscious customers, an extremely high quality, reliable and competitive solar energy installation service. Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority and we achieve this through high quality solar system installations coupled with a friendly, efficient service – qualities that have won us many green and eco-friendly customers.

Inverter Installation – SAVE MONEY & BEAT LOADSHEDDING

We specialize in supplying and installing inverters for homes and businesses with batteries which provides power to homes during loadshedding.

Don’t let Eskom loadshedding keep you in the dark. We provide high quality and cost-effective inverter for home solutions Inverter Installation In Cape Town COC Electrical offers bespoke solar design and installation services for your unique needs.

  • Commercial Solutions
  • Grid Tied Solar PV
  • Loadshedding Battery Backup Solution
  • Battery Tied Solar PV
  • Off-Grid Solar PV
  • Electric Vehicle Solar Intergration

Battery-Tied Solar PV

If you are looking for energy security during load shedding, plus savings on your electric bill for your residential home, office, company or commercial building then a battery-tied system with a hybrid inverter may be the solution you need. When The Grid Is Off, You Stay On Installing batteries and a special hybrid inverter for your solar PV system means that during times when the grid is down, some essential loads in your building will stay on, while non-essential loads will turn off. This is the difference between a battery-tied system and a grid-tied system (link to page), the battery-tied system stays on during load shedding while the grid-tied system turns off during load shedding. THIS SYSTEM ALSO PROVIDES SAVINGS ON ELECTRICITY With this system, your electric bill will come down substantially, thanks to the solar PV panels – the only drawback of this system is the initial cost; batteries and the necessary hybrid inverter can be pricey. If budget is a challenge, starting with a battery backup solution that is modular and fully expandable to solar PV in the future may be the smart way to go. Alternatively, if savings on your bill are most important to you, you can opt for a more cost effective grid-tied solar system..

  • Higher independence from future increasing electrical tariffs and monthly savings on electricity.
  • This system is modular and allows installation in phases.
  • Electrical Certificate Of Compliance
  • Energy security during loadshedding
  • Decrease your building’s carbon footprint by becoming a renewable energy user.
  • 12 Months Maintenance


Going “off-grid” has become an ever-more popular option, especially considering not only the environmental benefits but the convenience, with ongoing loadshedding. With solar photovoltaic solutions and other alternative energy solutions becoming increasingly high-quality and easily accessible, a growing number of home- and business owners want to make the leap to off-grid energy. But is it the most cost-effective system? Or would a grid-tied system make more sense from a maintenance and cost perspective?.
When should I consider going off-grid?

If you are a commercial business, office or residential homeowner in an urban area, loadshedding might be distressing, but the chances are that a fully off-grid solution won’t make sense for you. By opting for a grid-tied energy solution, you can enjoy both the benefits of a solar PV system and grid connection while avoiding the rolling blackouts caused by loadshedding. This brings you savings on your electrical bill, energy security during times of unstable grid power, and some independence from future unpredictable electricity tariff rises. For some, you may only need a loadshedding battery backup system, while others may require a dedicated grid-tied system.

Fully off-grid energy solutions are more suitable if:

  • You have a sufficient budget to install an off-grid system.
  • Most of your monthly electric bill is paying for your grid connection and not your actual energy usage.
  • You live in a very rural area where there is poor grid infrastructure.
  • You have sufficient space to install an off-grid system
  • You understand the limitations of the renewable energy system, and that living off-grid with solar photovoltaic power will take some lifestyle adjustments in your energy usage patterns.


Grid-tied inverters will turn off and stop power flowing from your solar PV panels to the grid when the grid has no power. This is for safety reasons to protect electricians while doing line maintenance. Unfortunately, this also means that the electrical loads in your building will be off when the grid turns off. If you would like your solar power to keep producing energy during load shedding, you will need to consider a battery-tied solar system with a hybrid inverter. THIS SYSTEM PRIMARILY PROVIDES SAVINGS ON ELECTRICITY, Because this solution doesn’t include any batteries and the grid-tied inverter turns off during times of no grid power, this system doesn’t provide energy security but rather primarily provides a cost-effective way to save on your electricity bill, while also decreasing your building’s carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy.

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Power saving tips

  • Install a solar photovoltaic
    system. These generate electricity
    from the sun’s energy
  • Fit your geyser with a geyser
    blanket. It prevents heat loss,
    reducing the cost of electricity
    needed to keep water hot.
  • Replace regular bulbs with
    energy-saving ones that use
    6 times less electricity
  • Install A Geyser Timer.
  • Install an energy and water efficient
    showerhead. These use up to 40%
    less hot water and will save you
    money on your electricity bill..
  • Invest in a solar water heater.
    It uses the sun to heat up your
    water, saving you 25% or more
    on your electricity bill.

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