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Generator Installers and suppliers Cape Town

Are you tired of load shedding? Is load shedding killing productivity? Then it might be time to install a Backup Generator. Installing a backup generator has many advantages Provides electricity for medical devices Eliminates production losses during load-shedding Keeps your fridge and freezer running  Stop losses due to load-shedding...

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Installing solar panels by yourself can be a cost-effective and rewarding experience; you can save a significant amount of money by cutting contractors out of the equation and taking pride in your own handiwork.  However, for the aspiring DIY solar enthusiast, knowing how to install solar panels may seem...

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What Is an Electricity Inverter?

An electricity inverter converts direct current, or DC power, from batteries into alternating current, or AC. This is essential for operating appliances that require constant, steady voltage, such as household appliances, pumps and electric grinding wheels. Inverters may also be used to power generators, fans, massagers, computers, air conditioners...

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Energy Saving Tips – 6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills

Electricity is a necessity in our everyday lives, and it’s important to know how to save on it. Thankfully, electricity costs are not as high as they used to be and there are many things you can do to lower your bills. Energy saving tips don’t have to be...

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UNDERSTANDING THE NEW ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE After the SABS published the new SANS 10142-1:2020 Edition 3 at the end of July 2020, much talk centered around flexible cords, the new socket outlets and the new one-page test report. In short, the CoC/test report has been revamped and is...

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Electrical Services

ELECTRICAL SERVICES Has something gone wrong? For power outages, maintenance and fault finding, get in touch with an Electrician Cape Town here, or call us on 071 177 1234. Call us now, and we’ll make your electrical problem our priority. WHAT CAN OUR ELECTRICIANS HELP YOU WITH? Our fully...

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Load Shedding Solutions

BEST LOAD SHEDDING SOLUTION IN SOUTH AFRICA A battery back up solution is a great product to install to counter load shedding. The system consists of a inverter and battery pack to provide power when the lights go out. The system is completely automatic and can be installed in...

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